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Eco-Friendly Events

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Eco-Friendly Events
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After a year of virtual meetings and online events the world is looking forward to the future and the social interaction of real live events. As we emerge in this new world, we want to do things better than before and being eco-friendly is an important consideration, but how do we balance that with the desire for the all important tangible event asset?
Lowering your carbon footprint and hosting a sustainable event doesn’t mean having to go paperless. Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products available and is often a greener option than using digital media. Take these two examples given by Antalis’ Corporate Social Responsibility Manager:

“Displaying a page for three minutes on a screen consumes more energy than producing a printed version of that page.”

“Sending 20 emails a day over one year emits as much CO2 as driving 1,000km by car.”

Sounds crazy right? All that digital technology produces Carbon Dioxide too – by the bucket load!
Instead of just ditching paper and plastic, using products that are both recycled and recyclable, FSC certified and sustainably managed and produced is the key and this is where we can help!

Eco Badges

We care strongly about the environment, so if you would like to make your event greener and use less single-use plastic then our new “Eco-Badge” could be the solution.

  • 100 % recyclable and made with 100% recycled board
  • Super Sturdy 700gsm thickness will last the event
  • Available in 85mmx55mm to A6 in bespoke sizes
  • No minimum quantity
  • Usual finest Kall Kwik quality and service
  • Available on 2-3 day turnaround as standard. Express 1 Day service on special request.

Supply to us your merged artwork ready to go or we can merge in your data and supply your badges back in your file order.

Email us to request a sample or an estimate

Recycled Lanyards & Wristbands

We now supply recycled PET lanyards for our smaller volume orders as standard. We also offer 100% biodegradable bamboo lanyards on orders over 100.

The fabric is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles which is kinder to the environment, and helps reduce the amount of waste plastic ending up in landfill sites around the world. Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET for short) is a recycled form of polyester. It is strong, durable, and very printable, making it perfect for recycled lanyards and eco-friendly wristbands!

Available on turnarounds of less than a week

Eco Displays and Exhibition Stands

If you’re looking for an eco friendly, lightweight alternative to rigid and foam PVC or corrugated card, Ultra Board Graphic by Dufaylite is the ideal replacement. Made from a 100% recycled core with FSC certified virgin paper facings and suitable for a myriad of applications, with the added benefit of stunning printed results. We use it to great effect on everything from show cards and exhibition boards through to graphic panels and signage.

Ultra Board Graphic out-performs a number of competitors when it comes to durability and flexibility, making it the solution of choice for brands with the highest possible standards.

Printed Collateral

Everything from the initial invitation, tickets, the agenda, to brochures, papers, signage and menus can be produced on either recycled or sustainably produced paper and boards. Our papers are FSC Certified as standard.

High quality event assets are not just functional. They offer an additional level of branded experience, the opportunity to revisit material throughout the day or even days after the event, and the customer feels more valued. How many guests prefer reading menus in an App and how many actually download a marketing brochure to read later…

Kall Kwik is passionate about the environment and sustainable printing and you can read more about the ways we reduce our own Carbon Footprint here.

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