How to engage with your customers (and staff) this Christmas…

Christmas is a feel-good time. A precious few weeks in the year where individuals will be receptive to, and even expect to be, hearing from your business. Printed materials are a magnificent way to promote your services throughout the year, but can be especially effective at Christmas time. Getting people to read your message is half of the battle, and having a warm audience certainly makes it easier. Read on to discover how print can help keep your business connected this festive season.

Corporate Christmas cards can strengthen a relationship

Bespoke Christmas cards are a personal way of connecting with your customers. We suggest adding fun festive themes and images, but keeping them professional and on brand. Why not use the opportunity to show off your creativity and opt for our in-house digital foil personalisation or try our die-cutting capabilities to add to your shape your cards. Whatever design you choose, just remember to not go overboard with the marketing and selling. Christmas cards are about strengthening your relationship with your best customers or principal suppliers and are an opportunity to say thank you – If you want to include a sales message, keep the message subtle.

Christmas is a busy time of the year and direct mail takes on increased importance during the festive time – even more so in the current climate when people can’t travel to be with their friends and loved ones. If you want to send a mailshot or a large number of Christmas cards but do not have the time to stuff hundreds of envelopes, we can help.

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A branded calendar or wall planner will promote your brand all year round

If success is measured by how long a customer views a piece of marketing then a Christmas card is fairly unique in that it sits on a customer’s desk for up to a month, but nothing beats the staying power of Calendars or Wall Planners. These are an all-year-round marketing tool for your business and make an excellent corporate gift. In front of your customers for 12 months, a bespoke calendar or wall planner provides a constant reminder of your business brand, products and service. Make sure it is good quality and the design is practical and they are bound to be used by your customers.

Virtual Event Packs

The month of December is normally a busy month for festive events. This year will no doubt be very different, but that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be engaging and fun!

Christmas parties may not be on the cards, but with so many staff working from home, how can you make sure that they still feel valued and a part of the team. The answer could be to host a virtual Christmas party experience. How about a virtual cocktail masterclass, gin tasting or murder mystery? Virtual doesn’t mean minimal effort and no cost though. With a little extra  attention to the detail you can make a lasting impression, so it is worth investing in a suite of printed materials to accompany your virtual event. Virtual event packs are entirely bespoke, but can include anything from tasting menus, branded food items, mini agendas, notepads and printed props, which you can present in company branded wrapping and packaging.

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Branded Festive Packaging

If you send products through the mail, Christmas will likely be one of your busiest times of the year. There are a few ways to make an extra impact with your packaging over this period. Bespoke stickers, wrapping paper and themed thank you notes can all add a unique touch to your festive mailings, which will be remembered by your customers in the New Year.

If you like to give a small gift to your best customers or suppliers, we would suggest using bespoke printed boxes. We can design packaging branded with your company logo and festive message, which will give your gift an extra-special touch.

Branded gift tags can also add a classic look to your packaging and advertise your company to non-customers who may have received your product as a gift. One way to ensure the tag is left on the parcel and not removed prior to it being gifted, is to make it functional. By adding ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ on the tag, it becomes usable, greatly reducing the likelihood that it will be removed.

Update your online and offline shopfronts for the season

As well as updating your printed material, winter brings with it an ideal time to refresh the look of your online offerings. Changing the main header image and updating any special offers for the festive period will leave your website looking current.

Consider also updating your ‘physical’ shopfront. Window graphics can promote seasonal promotions and be easily replaced for the January sales, allowing you to really capitalise on the extra passing footfall Christmas brings.

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