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Creating your corporate identity

Your logo is the point of entry to your brand and in these times of competitive market places how you use it across all your promotional material can make all the difference between presenting a cohesive business image and one which is disjointed and creates confusion in your customers’ minds.

Specialist help from our in-house team

At Kall Kwik Banbury in Oxfordshire we have a team of specialists who can make sure your corporate image is consistent across all media, whether it’s your business stationery, your website or your corporate brochures. By adopting a consistent approach you will improve your brand awareness in your customers’ eyes with every piece of literature leaving the business being instantly recognisable as coming from your company.

To support this we are also able to produce Corporate Guidelines for you giving advice to all staff in how your logo should (and shouldn’t) be used. For companies operating from a number of sites or in different countries, this can be an essential training and management guide to maintain brand values and ensure a consistent image in the eye of your clients.

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